Core Drilling


core drilling Sydney

Optimal Cut & Core takes pride in the fact that our clients consider us as the best value for money core drilling Sydney and surrounding areas have seen and this is why they choose to pick up the phone and dial our number every single time. We specialise in concrete coring and core drilling holes in concrete, brick, or stone for plumber’s pipes and drainage as well electrician’s cables and more. Our team can core up to 500 mm diameter and the depth is endless.

As a core drilling company that has been in the industry for several years,  we have built a strong reputation as being the safest and the most efficient core drilling contractor Sydney has to offer. We are able to precisely place perfectly round holes in all surfaces that include stone, brick and, of course, concrete. With our accurate and detailed concrete core drilling methods, our clients get to enjoy easier access to water and electrical connections when these systems need a repair or replacement at their commercial, industrial or residential properties.

Core Drill Hire Sydney

Optimal Cut & Core is the ultimate option for the best core drill hire Sydney has seen. This is due to our attention to detail and overall efficiency. While going through the concrete and providing a seamless solution, the core drilling specialists under our payroll will analyse the environment and guarantee prominent results. Do not settle for less because efficiency can make or break the outcome. We are a seasoned team of concrete cutting and core drilling specialists who have a good understanding of concrete and its relation to core drilling and equipment like concrete core drill.

Our team has years of experience and an established track record for drilling with care and providing meaningful results. Set up the perfect solution and know the core drilling will go ahead as scheduled. So what are you waiting for? Pick up that phone and call us on 0431-193-734.

Where do we offer our core drilling services?

Our core drilling services are available to our clients located in and around the following locations –

  • Sydney,
  • Penrith
  • Gosford,
  • Wollongong,
  • Lithgow,
  • As well as surrounding areas.

Why Choose Us?


PROFESSIONAL & RELIABLE – You can trust us to always be punctual and respectful and complete your project right the first time, within budget, and on or before the set deadline.

FAST & HIGH-QUALITY – You can be assured that we will deliver the fastest and the highest quality services no matter the size, scope, or complexity of your project.

SAFE & AFFORDABLE – You can be confident that we follow the strictest industry and government safety standards and provide the best services at reasonable prices.

FULLY INSURED & LICENCED – You can have peace of mind knowing our company as well as our operators are fully insured and hold all the required licences, qualifications, and accreditations.

SKILLED & EXPERIENCED – You can always rely on our team of highly skilled, extensively trained, and vastly experienced concrete cutting and core drilling specialists.

ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY & SOCIALLY CONSCIOUS – You can be confident that we are helping protect our environment and our community today and for future generations by completely recycling all waste products and materials.

24 HOURS A DAY & 7 DAYS A WEEK – You can depend on us to deliver our services anywhere in Sydney and the surrounding areas 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.