About Us

Professional Concrete Cutting Sydney

Optimal Cut & Core Concrete Cutting Pty Ltd is one of the companies that offer the most critically acclaimed professional concrete cutting Sydney and Penrith have to offer. Our clients admire and our competitors respect our ability to deliver the highest level of service excellence and customer satisfaction with great value for money. This is why we are often labelled as the preferred concrete grinding company Sydney and Penrith construction firms, property owners, and government agencies trust.

Here at Optimal Cut & Core, we pride ourselves on reliability, safety, and quality service. With over 14 years of experience in the industry, you will discover that we are capable of completing projects of any size, scope, or complexity within budget and on time every time with no job too big or small for our team of highly skilled and experienced concrete cutting and core drilling specialists.

Cutting Concrete Sydney

When it comes to the best services for cutting concrete Sydney residents can rely on, Optimal Cut & Core is the one to call. All of our operators are fully trained and hold valid WorkCover Induction White Cards, Confined Space and Rescue accreditations, Elevated Work Platform (EWP) clearances, and have First Aid Certifications as well.

We have up-to-date, state-of-the-art equipment from the industry’s leading manufacturers manned by highly qualified and experienced operators which allows us to deliver the highest quality jobs fast, within budget, and on time every single time! So whether you need services cutting large concrete blocks or need help with small concrete jobs, you can trust our team.

Our edge over our competitors is that we can provide you with same-day concrete sawing and core drilling services, and in case you want us to work during times that are most convenient for your home or place of business, we can do that as well as we are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We are fully insured and licensed (ABN 75 624 289 863).

Our motto

Be fast, professional, and reliable. These are the three words we live by and wil continue to uphold as a company that offers professional concrete cutting in Sydney. For us, if we always do our work quickly and correctly in the safest and the most professional manner, we will achieve our long-term corporate goals of cultivating fair, long-lasting professional relationships with our clients and building a strong reputation in the industry.

What sets us apart?

We continually optimise our quality of services, and constantly adapt our business processes to the changing demands of the market. Investments in research and development, in training our employees, and in gaining technological improvements are integral to the company management at Optimal Cut & Core Concrete Cutting Pty Ltd. So if you need professional concrete cutting services in Sydney, don’t hesitate to talk to us!

We have a sustainable process when it comes to handling projects. All our clients and our team members are guaranteed a safe working environment. We are abide by the strictest industry safety and quality standards and are fully compliant with Australian legal requirements – all of these factors have contributing to our company’s positive development.

We cover a wide area

We offer our professional concrete cutting services to our clients located in and around the following locations –

  • Sydney,
  • Penrith,
  • Gosford,
  • Wollongong,
  • Lithgow,
  • As well as surrounding areas.

We offer a wide range of services

Our range of services include –

  • Concrete cutting, removal, and replacement services – We can cut up and remove old concrete slabs and even replace it for you.
  • Concrete grinding services – We can grind trip hazards on footpaths, factory floors, and any other concrete surfaces with unwanted protrusions or excess materials. We can also remove glue from floors and other concrete surfaces.
  • Concrete sawing services – Concrete cutting is one of the basic services that we offer. Thanks to our state-of-the-art sawing equipment, we are qualified and properly equipped to handle concrete sawing projects of any size.
  • Soft cutting / expansion cutting services – We can Soff cut early entry to new slabs, driveways, paths, et cetera while the concrete is still fresh to cut and control cracking. We also do decorative cut diamonds or other patterns into concrete with perfect accuracy.
  • Loop concrete cutting services We cut and install traffic loops for traffic lights, traffic counting, weight in motions, automation and the like as well as boom gates.
  • Road / floor sawing services – We are also proficient in road and floor sawing services used for cutting trenches, expansion cuts, loops, and general floor cutting jobs that can cut up to 450 mm deep.
  • Hand sawing services – We have a dedicated hand sawing team that specialises in using hand saws for cutting trenches and expansion as well as walls for door and window openings, et cetera. Our equipment is great for in tight spaces and we use either or both petrol or electric hand saws.
  • Ring sawing services – Our ring saws are used the same as hand saws but only cuts deeper up to 265 mm making it easier for cutting thicker concrete in tight areas. We use either or both petrol and electric ring saws.
  • Wall sawing services – Wall sawing is yet another specialised job that we excel at. We have track mounted hydraulic wall saw that allow our dedicated wall sawing team to cut into all types of surfaces that range from brick, concrete blocks and concrete walls in no time. It is a cost-efficient option and delivers efficient results and the best part, this service is reasonably priced.
  • Chain sawing services – At Optimal Cut & Core Concrete Cutting Pty Ltd, we strive to cut through waste concrete surfaces using our chainsawing equipment. We can deliver modern, reliable, and personalised chainsawing service that is backed with our years of experience. Our chainsawing team has the training they need to swiftly, accurately, and safely cut into thick concrete slabs without breaking a sweat!
  • Core drilling services – Our core drilling services are ideal for coring holes in concrete, brick, or stone. This is a necessity in case one wants to install plumbing pipes, electrical cables, drainage, et cetera. We can core up to 500 mm diameter with  endless depths.
  • Dyna Bolt removal services – We have a dedicated team that specialises in Dyna Bolt removal and filling to ensure that industrial factory and commercial property floors are kept in clean, smooth, and pristine condition.

Why choose us and not any other concrete cutting and core drilling contractor?


PROFESSIONAL & RELIABLE – You can trust us to always be punctual and respectful and complete your project right the first time, within budget, and on or before the set deadline.

FAST & HIGH-QUALITY – You can be assured that we will deliver the fastest and the highest quality services no matter the size, scope, or complexity of your project.

SAFE & AFFORDABLE – You can be confident that we follow the strictest industry and government safety standards and provide the best services at reasonable prices.

FULLY INSURED & LICENCED – You can have peace of mind knowing our company as well as our operators are fully insured and hold all the required licences, qualifications, and accreditations.

SKILLED & EXPERIENCED – You can always rely on our team of highly skilled, extensively trained, and vastly experienced concrete cutting and core drilling specialists.

ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY & SOCIALLY CONSCIOUS – You can be confident that we are helping protect our environment and our community today and for future generations by completely recycling all waste products and materials.

24 HOURS A DAY & 7 DAYS A WEEK – You can depend on us to deliver our services anywhere in Sydney and the surrounding areas 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

For more details, feel free to give us a call on 0431-193-734.